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Possum Removal Perth

Your Local Possum Catchers In Perth Are Available With Us

Do you have any requirement to call Possum Removal Perth experts? If yes, you can always contact us for the job. We have the best local team that remains available 24/7 to help and support residents of Perth with possum inspection and removal services.

We work in a very simple term. Our team will set cage with food supplies for possums so that we can trap them safely. Once they are trapped, you can inform our team for the further work including their relocation to the original habitat. You should know that it is not a one day work because we can not catch possums forcibly.

Let’s First Get To Know Possums And Understand How To Identify Them

Possums are nocturnal, omnivorous mammals with thick, furry tails. They prefer a woody habitat and hide under cavities dug up by other animals. Their total body lengths being anywhere between 65-95 CM long and weigh between 2-3 KG. Possums have cat-like whiskers and are either black or grey.

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    Why Do You Need Possum Removal?

    Possums can be inconvenient to have around the property for several reasons, some of them are listed below –

    They wreak havoc in the garden

    If you have a well-maintained garden you might be well off without possums. Possums can help you out by getting rid of small insects, snails and over-ripe fruits and vegetables. But, they can trample upon your fresh plants and devour the plants and shrubs that you have been planting and taking care of for a long time. Possums largely depend upon leaves and fruits for their meals, this is why having possums in your garden is not a great idea.

    A threat to your pet

    Possums and humans can survive together fairly well. But your pets and possums might not. Possums tend to steal pet food, which might not please your pets a lot. They might fight and hurt each other, or possums might carry some infection or disease and infect your pet. This makes possum removal urgent and necessary.


    Just like your pet, you can get infected by parasites or diseases carried by possums. Possums rarely contain rabies but they can be a vector for other diseases, specifically tuberculosis. Humans and domesticated animals are at risk of being infected by such diseases.

    They can make your house a mess

    Possums like woody habitats, and would usually habituate themselves in the attic of your house. They will also drop faeces around your home, which produces a foul odour and can lead to infections. Possums also make a mess of the trash. They might go ahead and make cavities in the basement or walls or roofs.

    The dead possums

    Possums are a nuisance, especially if they are dead possums. Dead remains of any organism when exposed and left unattended can be harmful to humans. Dead possums can invite various infections and diseases. The carcass over time will rot and lead to foul smells all over the house or garden.

    How To Prevent Possum Interruption At Your Property?

    Possums have been protected under the Wildlife Protection Act 1975, so one can’t simply kill or relocate a possum. But other possum control measures are available to manage possums. Few things you can start with to keep possums away from your property are:

    • Cover their access points at night, look for cavities in the basement, walls or roof.
    • Do not put pet food or trash out at night, this will invite possums into the house.
    • Prune your plants for overripe fruits or vegetables, don’t let rotten fruits or vegetables out in your garden.
    • Close your pet doors or any other small openings to cover all possible entrances.

    How Can We Help In Maintaining
    A Possum Free Property In Perth?

    Doing possum removal on your own can be challenging that is why hiring an expert possum removal service is always recommended. This is where our Possum Removal Perth team help you, we are a professional pest control service provider in Perth.

    Residential Possum Removal

    If you are fed up with possums around your residence and are unable to get rid of them, try our possum removal services. We provide quick results by catching the possum(s) on the same day of the investigation, without wasting your time or money. There are several monthly packages and year-long protection packages which you might want to check out.

    Commercial Possum Removal

    We have a team of experts who are experienced in effective possum removal from commercial spaces be it a restaurant or an office. We can also set permanent cage and trap boxes for possums so that they do not interrupt your workplace, and you won’t have to worry about it. It is a rule and you can not offend possums in any way.

    Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

    In case you have had a history with possums, you can check out our pre-purchase possum inspection plan before buying any property. This will give you an idea about the property if that has any chance of possum infestation. Our Possum Removal Perth team will provide a detailed plan for possum prevention, taking into account the layout of your house and your concerns.

    Emergency Possum Removal Services

    We have your backs covered 24/7. An emergency can arise without any notification in the wee hours of the day. For such unexpected events, we provide an emergency possum removal service. We strive to give quick and reliable services with no chance of relapse.

    Same Day Possum Removal Services

    You won’t need to book an appointment in case you are looking for a quick solution to possum removal. We provide a same-day possum relocation plan to make possum catching and removal fast and hassle-free.

    Dead Possum Removal Service To Protect You Against All Harms

    Possums like other organisms die. That is the most natural thing and it should not concern humans. Unless the possum dies in your premises or around it. The body remains of a dead possum require instant attention and removal. The dead possum will eventually rot which will then attract various insects and release a bad smell that might linger in your premises for 2-3 weeks after removal of the dead possum. It can be a little tricky to extract the remains since possums tend to play dead, while they might not actually be dead. This is why hiring professionals to do it for you is the safest and the best option. We offer dead possum removal services that are handled by a team of experts in an effective manner.

    All our plans and services take into consideration the safety of possums, safely delivering them into their natural habitat and the safety of our clients and their properties. Our Possum Removal Perth team is well trained and experienced in handling unexpected events and taking care of possums.

    Possum Removal

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    Why Hire Us For Your Possum Removal Perth Needs?

    We are one of the best possum removal services providers in East Perth, Highgate, West Perth, Mount Lawley and other parts of Perth. You can avail of our best in class services as per your need. Here are other reasons to choose us for your Possum Removal Perth needs:

    • Eco- friendly
      Our services are eco friendly, we make sure the possum removal doesn’t harm anyone or anything. We prioritise the safety of the possum and the premises of our clients.
    • Affordable
      Our packages and plans are some of the best and most affordable plans that you can get in Perth.
    • Certified Professional
      Our team consists of certified and experienced professionals, who make the process easy, hassle-free and effective.
    • Best
      We have been offering affordable and quality services that are result-oriented and trusted by many in Perth.
    Emergency Possum Removal Service

    Frequently Asked Questions You Have Questions,
    We Have Answers

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    When should you hire professional possum catchers?

    On the sight of a possum, you can hire a possum catcher. Also, if you are able to recognise other signs of possums, then you must call a professional possum catcher. Possums are tricky animals and can be a threat to your well being.

    What are the different possum removal packages offered?

    We offer several packages from same-day packages, monthly packages to year-long plans. We also offer emergency possum removal and dead possum removal in Perth.

    What do you do to be the best possum control service provider in Perth?

    We strive to be the best and most affordable possum control service provider in Perth. We have certified professionals who use ethical, eco-friendly methods to carry out and execute our process.

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