When To Call A Professional For Possum Removal

Possums pose a threat to your house since they can rip insulation and munch on cables. Your dishwasher or refrigerator can sustain some damage as a result. The worst aspect is that possums may contain a particular strain of bacteria that, if you come into contact with them, can lead to diseases in some people. Leptospira is the name of this bacteria. Leptospirosis, which can be dangerous if untreated, is caused by it. Fever, chills, aches in the muscles, and notably vomiting are some symptoms. You must contact your doctor right away if you suspect leptospirosis. These animals are also tick and mite carriers. Additionally, possums might be infected with tapeworms or ringworms. Family members and pets may find these parasites bothersome. You should know when to Call a Professional for Possum Removal.

When To Call A Professional For Possum Removal

Know When To Call A Professional For Possum Removal

Are you unsure whether possums are residing in your house? If you do, you’ll find out quickly because these animals can seriously harm your walls, insulation, flooring, and personal items. Possums may enter your house through several entry points. 

When You See Them On The Roof

Possums frequently build their nests in attics and on roofs. They will spend most of the day sleeping and out of your sight because they are nocturnal creatures. Therefore, if you rarely venture up into the attic, this might be the ideal location to allow a possum to make a den. For possums who are expecting or nursing, nesting is typical. There may be more than one possum residing in your house if you notice a nest in your attic. Additionally, you might notice faces or detect urine in or close to a possum’s nest. Finding possum droppings or other potential indicators that a possum exists is the easiest approach to determining whether that nest in the attic belongs to one of them.

Moving Near The Insulation

Thin insulation retains heat incredibly well. Therefore, possums may view insulation as the perfect nesting material if they are present in the attic or other barriers. Possums could do major harm to the insulation in your home. In addition to being a headache, this can be highly expensive to upgrade the insulation. The earlier you take action and know when to call a professional for possum removal, the better because possum damage might be more severe.

When Possums Are Found In Walls

Possums living in your home could cause major damage to your walls if they leave holes in them. Due to their sharp teeth, they can easily bite through wires, plasterboard, and even wood. If you don’t take prompt action to get rid of the possums, they could ruin your home and cost a lot of money to restore. Not only that, but these cracks can allow additional pests to invade your home and take over.

Finding Faeces And Urine But Not Possums

Possums can cause some fairly serious damage to your home’s attic and walls when they urinate and defecate there. People may detect the scent of possum excrement in their homes before finding any signs of possums. Possum urine and faeces have an extremely potent smell that can be challenging to get rid of, even after you’ve dealt with a possum infestation. Possum excrement has other issues besides the stench that are bothersome. Their faeces and urine can penetrate your home’s walls and flooring, and leave dark brown stains.

Possums In The Garbage Area

Possums are opportunistic omnivores, so they’ll consume almost anything they come across, including your garbage. They have a keen sense of smell and can pick up on any food scraps you may have thrown aside. Possums may have been accessing your garbage bins, which is likely. They can easily knock over or crawl into your trash cans.

Why Do You Need Professional Help?

If you are dealing with possum problems, you must know when to call a professional for possum removal. These are the reasons why you may need professional help for possum removal.

  • By hiring a pro, you can get rid of the possum in the best possible way. You can take certain actions to keep them away from your property, though.
  • You can get advice from professionals to fence the area that may keep them at bay. Fixing gaps and entry points surrounding your house can aid in possum prevention. This you can do easily with the help of professionals.
  • Numerous professionals can also provide repair services in addition to removing the possum. Additionally, because they have more knowledge, trappers will know where to set the trap so that the possum has less opportunity to harm your property and its surroundings.

Conclusion: The Importance Of Humane Possum Removal

It is important to remember that possums are an important part of our ecosystem and play a vital role in maintaining balance in our environment. While they may be considered a nuisance when they invade our homes and properties, it is essential to take a humane approach to their removal.

A humane possum removal ensures that the possum is not harmed in the process while being relocated to a more suitable environment. So it is important to seek professional help when dealing with possum removal as they are protected under the Wildlife Act and harming them could result in legal consequences.

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