Possum Removal Methods

Possum Catchers And Effective Possum Removal Methods

Possums are a common problem in many homes and businesses around the world. They can cause damage to property, spread disease, and create a nuisance in your home or business. Fortunately, there are professional and humane methods, we have to get rid of possums without having to resort to cruel or harmful practices. Our team of experts can help you identify the source of the problem and provide you with effective solutions that will keep your home or business free from possum infestation. With Possum Removal Perth Experts, you can get possum removal done easily. We use only the most humane methods that are safe for both humans and animals alike. With our help, you can finally get rid of the possum problem once and for all!

Effective Possum Removal Methods

Possum Box Installation: Better For Catching Possums

Possum boxes are a great way to protect the native possums living in your area. By installing these boxes, you can provide a safe and secure habitat for these animals while keeping them away from harm. Possum boxes also help keep other pests out of your garden or backyard, so they can be an effective way to keep your property free from damage. With the right installation and Possum Removal Methods, possum box installation can be an easy and cost-effective solution for protecting this wildlife in your area.

  • Installation of a possum cage atop a tree
  • Installation of a possum cage on the roof
  • Installation of a possum cage in your garden
  • Installation of a possum cage in your garden
  • Installation of a possum cage beneath a deck
  • Instal a possum nesting box

Humane Possum Capture Methods

You can also catch possums at home if you don’t want to get possum removal services. Here is a method that can be very useful to catch possums. 

  • Create A Cage: You need to build a cage that local possums will find comfortable. You must verify the cage’s dimensions.
  • Fix The Bait: They are seeking food when they arrive. Their favourite meal may be used as bait in the cage. They’ll be drawn to this right away.
  • Wait: We don’t need to force them inside the cage; just wait and watch. If they don’t immediately enter the cage, you must wait and watch. Finally, call our professionals for Possum Relocation or if you want to get more advice and tips. 

The Possum Removal Method, We Use

We have a variety of methods that can be used to safely and humanely remove possums from your property. Simply call our Possum Controllers to decide which one is best for your situation. 

First, we do an inspection and suggest using traps. One of the most effective techniques for removing possums from your property, we use a live trap. A live trap will have a bait that is irresistible to possums, so they will enter and get stuck inside. We then take them away from the area and dispose of them properly. There are many different types of traps available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses (some may be more suitable than others. According to the requirements, we use the traps and relocate possums professionally without harming them. 

Most Useful Tips for Controlling Possums

Possums can be a nuisance for homeowners, especially when they invade gardens and yards. To keep them away from your home, it is important to understand the possum prevention tips for possum control. 

  • Possums are attracted to food sources such as pet food, birdseed, and compost piles. Therefore, it is important to keep these items away from your home or secure them properly so that the possums cannot access them. 
  • Furthermore, sealing off any cracks or holes in the foundation or walls of your home will help prevent possums from entering. 
  • Additionally, trimming trees and shrubs around your property can also help keep possums away as they like to use trees as pathways into yards and homes. 

Taking these steps will help you prevent possum invasions on your property. For professional results, choose our experts to use the best Possum Removal Methods.

Where We Offer Services For Controlling Possums

Our service providers give the best services for controlling possums and making your property safe from possum activities by using effective and cost-effective Possum Removal Methods in Perth. We are available in all residential & commercial areas of Perth as well as offering Possum Catching and Possum Extermination Services in nearby areas. 

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