How To Possum Proof Your Roof?

At night, the possums wander here and there in search of food and so they can be seen on treetops, over rooftops, in suburban gardens, along fences, etc. Generally, possums do not harm you by biting or something but they can damage a lot like they take shelter in your home by breaking something or by eating flowers or fruits, they can destroy your garden. All these activities make them a nuisance pest. You must have asked yourself sometimes How To Possum Proof Your Roof? We have tried our best to share ideas on this to help you. 

How To Possum Proof Your Roof

How Can You Identify That There Is A Possum In Your Roof

These are nocturnal animals and so you can not see them exactly as they disappear immediately in the darkness. But there are few identification marks through which you can identify them, these are as follows:

  1. Due to climbing, they cause some amount of damage to the roof, they can also damage your sidings, gutter system and eaves.
  2. Possums make many different sounds like hissing and shrieking, lip smacking sound which proves their presence.
  3. If you feel the sound of heavy footsteps on the roof then you can say that it may be a possum.
  4. Other noises, like they make scratching, scuttling and ripping sounds across a wider area on your roof.
  5. If you find possums dropping on the roof in the morning then you will become sure that they are possums.
  6. The dropping present when gets wet and soaks building material and spreads a foul odour which gives you an assurity of possum presence.

How Possums Can Go To Our Roof And Damages Caused By Them?

If your home is close to a tree or a bush or under the eaves then they can easily come over your roof as they are the best tree climbers. In this way, they get access or otherwise they can get onto your roof through the openings in the roof cavities. 

Possums can cause considerable damage to your property, especially the roof as they can destroy plasterboards, ceiling cavities, weatherboards and wirings. They can also eat plants, flowers and fruits if you grow them on the rooftop. Bad odour of their urine and if they die, then the smell which emits from their body will make your whole roof smell bad. Thus, you should take precautions from them and you have to search for options on How To Possum Proof Your Roof.

Various Ways On How To Possum Proof Your Roof

When you confirm that possums are there on your roof, then a fear develops which annoys you during the day and night. So, you have to be strong and face it and find ways How To Possum Proof Your Roof and apply them to your roof and keep possums away:

  1. Possum repellents are declared by the government. You can use them. 
  2. Traps and possum boxes can be used on the roof.
  3. Use of smells that they hate like mothballs, gasoline, ammonia, rotten eggs, garlic, etc.
  4. By placing lights and other ultrasonic devices on your roof.
  5. Some solutions like quassia chip solution and other strong disinfectant solutions may have the ability to seal their entrance.
  6. Through the removal of food sources through which they attract.
  7. You can fence your roof and make high boundaries on the roof. 

If all the above methods or procedures do not worth it, then you can move towards professionals and ask them How To Remove Possum From Your Roof.

Make Your Roof Possum-Proof With Possum Removal Perth Services

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