5 Tips To Keep Possums Out Of Your Garden

The appearance of the possums is a bit scary. Moreover, they are notorious creatures. Once they enter your place it may create a huge mess for you and your close ones. They are mainly known for stealing food, tearing things apart, destroying gardens and backyards, and terrorising pet animals. Fortunately, there are many tips to keep possums out of your garden. You can also make your garden possum-proof to make it easy for garden possum removal

Keep Possums Out Of Your Garden

Here Are 5 Tips To Keep Possums Out Of Your Garden:

1. Fill All The Cracks And Openings

Possums are good at hiding. They usually find a deep dark corner and hide where no one can acknowledge them. Commonly, they can be found in the locations like woods, gardens, backyards, bushes, fields near water, storage areas, under decks, sheds, tree crevices, under steps, bushes piles, abandoned burrows, and much more. To keep possums out of your garden, get rid of all these possible hiding spaces. Fill in all the cracks and put door slide shields under the doors so that it becomes hard for the possums to enter your property. This is one of the 5 tips to keep possums out of your garden.

Moreover, consistently look after your grass and make sure that it gets trimmed on time. Clean if there is any debris or pile of bushes present in your garden. If there are any holes in the entrance or boundary wall, repair them as you acknowledge them. Possums are fond of making their living space in the gardens.

2. Eliminate The Food Sources

Usually, possums enter any place in the hunt for food. Indeed, it is obvious that you won’t keep food in your garden to feed possums or any other creature. But if there is a trash bag that you forgot to dispose of and leave in the garden then it’s obvious that possums will come and attack it. Moreover, it may also become a habit of possums to visit your place in search of food. In case they keep on coming regularly to your place and you acknowledge them and stop feeding possums then they become aggressive and start destroying your garden. This is one of the 5 tips to keep possums out of your garden.

  • Possums are fond of fruits. So make sure that you keep your garden clean. If there is any fruit tree in your garden, the fallen fruits should be picked up as soon as you see them. Pick and discard the overripe vegetables and fruits.
  • Keep your dustbin sealed with air-tight lids. Moreover, keep all the extra and decomposed stuff in the trash can.
  • In case you feed your pet outside your property then make sure you bring back all the leftover food inside your house if anything is left.
  • Wipe all the grills and glasses regularly because the oily aroma of the food sticks with them and lasts for a long time.
  • Bird seeds are also an attractor for the possums. In case you have nested in your home and put bird food regularly then make sure that it does not spill over the floor

3. Scare Them

Like any other pest, possums also run away as soon as they find any danger signs. Using this fear as a weapon against them is the best way to devoid them to destroy your garden. Animal fur is the good way out among 5 tips to keep possums out of your garden.

After brushing your pet, spread their fur in the garden, backyard, or rooftops. The aroma of the fur will always make them anxious about the predators near them. Therefore, they won’t enter the garden. 

4. Install Fencing

Possums are good climbers. But if you install fencing which has an electric repellent or wire that would be a great favour to keep the possums out of your garden. To fix the fencing in your lawn, make sure that you install it at least 3-4 feet high from the boundary wall which should face in the outward direction. You can also add an electric fence too in the outward direction. Possums usually enter from the areas like staircases, chimney holes, drainage pipes, tree bushes, and much more. Block all the areas with the chicken mesh or steel wire, so that their entry can be devoid. 

5. Install Motion-Activated Sprinklers And Lights

Installation of motion-activated lights and sprinklers is the biggest favour to keep possums out of your property. Once they get scared, there are fewer possibilities for returning. Once possum comes in contact with the motion-activated light or sprinkler, they won’t come back. Motion activator is one of the perfect 5 tips to keep possums out of your garden.

  • Motion-activated sprinklers turn on as soon as any creature passes by the nearby areas. Therefore, the creature gets scared of it and runs away from the place.
  • Motion-activated lights function in the same way as motion-activated sprinklers do. As soon as any creature passes in the assigned radius they come under the focus light and the creature gets scared of it and leaves the place immediately.


Possum in your garden is the biggest problem. Once they enter may create a lot of nuisance in your place. Scaring them and keeping them away is the best thing that you can do. The above-mentioned 5 tips to keep possums out of your garden are the biggest way out. You may also ping professionals present nearby you, in case you are not able to deal with the possums. But while dealing with the possums on your own, it’s crucial to take care of all the preventive measures.

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