Top Reasons Why Possums Are Near Your Home

Possums are furry little cute marsupials but are the worst destroyers. That is why they are considered pests. Not only do they tend to devastate your garden, but also scatter litter and leave an obnoxious smell. The best way to avoid the huge mess created by these nocturnal animals is to prevent their advent. However, unless you know what attracts them near your house, you cannot avert their entry. If you are interested to know the top reasons why possums are near your home, this write-up is a must-read for you! Here we will be discussing the aspects that tempt possums to come into your neighbourhood. With no more delay, let’s delve into it.  

Top Reasons Why Possums Are Near Your Home

Things That Attract Possums Near Your Home Are:

Unintentionally, homeowners engage in certain activities that invite possums to infest their homes. Once you put a stop to those practices, you can certainly reduce their infestation to a great extent. Following are some top-notch reasons that lure possums to break into your house. 

  • Food particles

Possums are the real foodies! These carnivorous animals munch on almost everything that is edible. For instance, if you leave pet foods, especially canned cat food, in your yard, the chances for these uninvited guests to show up are high. Not only pet foods, but any scattered food particles can also increase the risks of possum infestation.

  • Certain fragrances

Cinnamon scents are one of the top reasons why possums are near your home. If the smell lingers around your home or yard, get ready to deal with these nocturnal pests. That is why professional possum removal agents often use cinnamon scents as bait to catch these animals. The smell of sweet potatoes, peanut butter, and other sugary items can also entice them. 

  • Dead animals

It might disgust you, but yes dead animals and skeletal residuals of road kills, bone scraps, etc., can be great snacking items for possums. These pests require rich calcium to stay fit. Thus, they love consuming dead rodents, snakes, etc.,

  • Garden full of provisions

As mentioned earlier, any kind of food is liable for welcoming these destructive pests. If you have a garden full of fruits, fruit seeds, grasses, and nuts, you might need to be utmost cautious as today or tomorrow, you might need to figure out ways to deal with them.        

  • Uncovered or overflowing litter bin

 If you dump half-eaten food, fruit seeds, rotten veggies, etc., into your neighbouring litter bin, make sure to cover and dispose of it. Otherwise, it can provoke the olfactory senses of possums, resulting in their infestation. 

  • Watery & moist environment

Possums usually take shelter near a watery and moist environment. So, if your home stands near a drainage ditch, sewage system, or pond, it can induce the possums to breed in your neighbourhood. 

  • Yard debris

Possums are not very fond of creating their own nests. Instead, they always search for a place where they can hide, and make it their shelter. Brush piles, logs, hollow trees, and other debris turn out to be their favourite spot to hide. If you don’t want these noisy pests to create a nuisance inside your home, make sure to eliminate the possible hiding spots and yard debris.  

Final Words 

Now that you know the top reasons why possums are near your home, you can immediately halt these practices to block their entrance. However, if your family is already infested, seek professional help to eliminate them. Killing a possum is a punishable act, which can lead to severe consequences. That is why you should never undertake any DIY approaches to remove the infestation. Instead, you can call our professionals, as they are well aware of how to capture these animals and release them safely outside your house.

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